Friday, April 5, 2019

Anker PowerWave+ Pad with Apple Watch Holder

Writing the review for Anker PowerWave+ with Watch Holder, do let me know your thoughts / inputs in comments

Packaging & Un-boxing 

Let me start with the packaging for PowerWave+ Pad. The product came in perfect packing (as always by Anker), neat and impressive packaging in Blue color. Package box Included PowerWave+ Pad, PowerPort+ 1 with Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger, 6ft PowerLine micro USB cable with Velcro band, PowerWave+ Pad Quick Reference Guide, Anker Support Manual & a Happy Card which is a Anker Signature item, is included in almost all of Anker / Anker Brand items with support contact.


First thing which comes across a highlight when you open the box is the looks and build of the PowerWave+ Pad, has a fine appearance and finishing. PowerPort+ Wall Charger looks like a solid block, matches the color aesthetics of the pad, has fold-able power prongs. Watch Holder has a nice clear cut out from the pad. PowerWave+ pad has the large round charging Pad for iPhone on the left and Watch holder is on the right side with LED Charging indicator in the bottom center of the face, properly spaced for ease of placing both iPhone and apple watch. There is no charging indication on the PowerPort+ wall charger. Source Input 

Setting up the PowerWave+ Pad
The pad opens up easily with it flipped, there are directions shown on the pad to open it, with the flap coming off easily. It has Smart Cable management system helps avoid cable tangle, designed well to wrap the cable within the case and the Apple Watch Charger Dongle fits perfectly within the holder.


Tested the PowerWave+ Pad with Apple iPhone 8 (iOS 12.2) & Apple Watch Series 3 (WatchOS 5.2). Charging the iPhone & Apple Watch were simple, with the PowerWave+ pad connected to the PowerPort by the provided Micro-USB cable. The Charging LED light is not too bright, does not distract at night. Have charged both my iPhone and apple watch simultaneously, using up single power source, saving need for additional wall power socket as well as side table space. Had to remove my phone case (which has metal plate for car dashboard magnetic holder), was worthwhile to keep the case on initially - the LED light kept flashing while charging, indicating the phone was not charging, removed the case later to set it to charging. Apple Watch charge well with the holder popped-in. Pop-up of holder makes it double up as night stand - though I don’t use this much, want the room as dark as possible :slight_smile: I place watch on the charger laid down flat. The sleek, lean design makes it convenient for travel.

Need for Improvements for PowerWave+ Pad 

  • PowerWave+ pad does not include the apple watch charging dongle, and need to connect this separately... would have loved to have used this already included.
  • Provide a PowerWave+ in Color Black. Both my iPhone and Apple Watch are Space Gray, would really like to have a matching color scheme.
  • Provide USB-C port instead of Micro-USB :slight_smile:
  • Include option for Power Out port ( Micro-USB or USB – C) to let other devices to connect such as Anker Soundcore Spirit X or Curve headset   

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