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Eufy Robovac 25C - My Astroboy - Review - #WeLoveTesting

Eufy Robovac 25C - My Astroboy - Review - #WeLoveTesting
This is my review for Eufy Robovac 25C, which I received from Anker for We Love Testing event, thank you @Ankerofficial
Received this eufy Robovac 25C unit 2 weeks back and been using it since. Package came in a bit dusty manner, looked like directly out of warehouse, but had a gem of a device inside :slight_smile: Now going over the review.
Unboxing –
The Box came with Robovac 25C, charging Base, Remote Control (plus a pair of AAA batteries - no Anker Batteries again), Power Adapter, Side Brushes, Cable ties,Additional / Spare high Performance filter & Foam Filter, Cleaning Brush (blue colored) and Owner Manual Brochure with a bigger version of Happy Card with details on contact for support, quick start. Nice, simple packing, well laid out.
You may watch the unboxing video in detail here
Initial Setup –
To get start off, Setup the Charging base with the adapter, removed the stickers & stoppers from the Robovac 25C, which I will refer as Astroboy going forward, attached the 2 side brushes. Powered ON Astroboy and placed it in near by area to Base charging and pressed Plug sign, device moved to base charging station - this was a wow moment for all of us, since this is the first Robo-Vacuum device we have ever used. Charged the Robovac for approximately 4 hours to full charge.
The first time I powered ON Astroboy, sent to my little one was super excited – watch it :slight_smile:
Configuring Astroboy on eufy App on iPhone -
Once fully charged, configured the Robovac to Eufy App, was very simple to configure it, added Robovac to 2.4Gz Wifi network.
Detailed Video of configuring Astroboy on eufy App is below
Connecting to Google Home -
My eufy login was already connected on Google Home, so had to simply add the Robovac Astroboy - the app showed up add a new device for eufy, and Astroboy showed up.
Using Remote -
The remote is small and handy, with all the relevant options to return to dock, start / stop cleaning, power level and modes, manual directions, edge/spot/auto/quick cleaning shortcuts… more like how Roku remotes have it for Hulu or Amazon, and which is kind of cute. however I really like to use remotes less and like to use voice commands or use iPhone for controls. Used the remote only for the initial testing and options and shooting some test review videos.
Using Voice Commands -
Voice commands were easy to use and summon Astroboy to start / stop cleaning / finding him. All of the commands worked except going back to home / docking station, but got this fixed yesterday by removing and adding the device back, (mostly some glitch on google / eufy integration).
Using eufy App Options and schedules -
All functions on eufy app operate similar to the remote. Being on smartphone is an added advantage, accessible from anywhere on internet. Tested all the options on the eufy app such as modes, edge cleaning, spot cleaning and more. Find function is really useful, when Astroboy hides, once in a while.
Schedules worked like a breeze, smooth and prompt on time. Usually set it for 3:20pm, this is the time we go pick kids from school and the time home will be free from us disturbing Astroboy, and we appreciate his privacy and work he does :slight_smile:
Options available on Eufy App highlighted on the video
Cleaning Operations -
We have hardwood laminated floor along with low-pile carpets. Started the cleaning with Astroboy, he does have a slightly noise when he moves around. Atroboy has strength to over come roll-up of carpets and moves forward. Cleans dust with suction which is expected of it. In auto mode, keeps going to area, bounces back, and then changes direction. Astroboy does a great job of navigating / moving through the path, bouncing against items and turning away each time.
At times, had to use manual mode on remote / eufy app to assist Astroboy to move to out / go to the desired location. However if left alone, Astroboy covered the entire room area. Takes approximately 20 minutes to clean the living room. Entire house, – living room, kitchen, bedrooms take approximately 1 hr 15 min.
Testing Suction / Vacuuming Performance
  1. Clean up candies and flour on the hardwood floor. Was really impressed with the suction and cleaning on the hardwood, though it made a lot of noise, but that is expected. Flour was completed sucked out.
Complete Video of Astroboy vacuuming the candies and flour
  1. Clean up candies and paper pieces spread out on the carpet. This was fast well, used the remote to make sure the robovac went straight into the candy pile :smiley: , again impressive, cleaned up the carpet completely in 10 min.
Complete Video of Astroboy vacuuming the candies and paper pieces
Battery Life –
Tested Astroboy to extreme level on cleaning time.
On Auto Cleaning Mode, time from Full Charge to low-battery at which stage, the Astroboy returned to Docking was 111 minutes. Astroboy automatically returns to charging dock when the battery is low, no manual intervention needed.
On Auto Cleaning - total time - 111 minutes
On BoostIQ - total time - 56 minutes
On Max - Total time - 42 minutes
Scope for improvement – its a wishlist to have the battery level in digits on eufy app, it is better to see the battery numbers than the bar level.
Cleaning Astroboy
We clean Astroboy’s dust collector once in 2 days, regular dusting and water cleaning (after removing the filters) in sink. Also removed the dirt / hair from side brushes & rolling brush once a week using the cleaning tool provided with the kit. Cleaning them makes Astroboy perform better :slight_smile: he needs some care and makes him feel happy.
Docking back at Charging Base –
Astroboy takes considerable time going back to docking station, sometimes quick sometimes gets lost, and we help him back home. Accuracy of returning back home is about 80% (tested 10 separate times, reached dock 8 times successfully, the other 2 times was going in circles in the same spot)
Final thoughts –
Eufy Robovac 25C, our Astroboy does what it says, cleans well, good suction power for vacuuming on hardwood floor and carpet, automatically docks when the battery is low! Going back to docking / charging station needs some improvements. Robovac Astroboy makes his presence felt with slight sound / noise, but gets the job done well! Being our first robot vacuum, we are pretty impressed with Astroboy’s performance.
Me and my wife are very happy to have Astroboy at home, helping us with the cleaning! kids are excited as well, little one does not get down from Sofa when Astroboy is near, so we schedule it for late afternoons

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