Monday, July 1, 2019

Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable Lightning/Type C/Micro USB Cable

Anker came-up with the One for All Cable - greatly helps reducing clutter and need for 3 separate cables. The product (White or Black cable) comes packed in a small box with Signature Anker packaging in blue color with happy (Warranty card), have the White cable for review here.

Have been using the Anker 3-in-1 White Cable for for almost a year, and it is still going strong, with the connector heads changed from / to Lightening to USB-C. Main cable lead is a Micro USB head, with the other Lightening and USB-C connectors attached with durable connectors. 


I use the cable to charge iPhone and Samsung S8/S9, as well as Bluetooth Headsets (used Anker Soundbuds Rise Wireless headset here) interchanging multiple times during the day, and not see cable or cable connectors showing any fatigue after many bends and pulls. Cable itself is 3 ft in length and good for carrying in laptop carry-case / back packs for commutes, and also on office desks charging devices, usually iPhone, wireless headsets and battery power packs, and a great companion with PowerCore 5000 portable power bank.

For connecting the lightning or USB-C heads, it important to make sure the "Anker" Logo faces you, with connector attachment coming from the right hand side, this is designed and aligned in a way to ease the connections. Note that only 1 device can be charged at any time, based on the connector head attached (iOS / USB-C devices) or using the Micro USB head. 

Cable with Lightening connector can be used to charge the iOS device as well as Data transfer, i use it with iTunes to transfer data / media. Same with Samsung S8/S9, charges the device as well as assists in data transfer. There is a Velcro Anker cable strap, ties the cable together. 


Have used other PowerLine series cables from Anker, and this is an addition to the list with an exceptional quality, reducing the cable clutter!

Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable, Lightning/Type C/Micro USB Cable is available on Amazon in Black and White colors.

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