Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Review: Anker PowerPort+ Atom III (2 ports)

This is my review for Anker PowerPort+ Atom III (2 Ports), will go over packaging, un-boxing, Wall charger looks / appearance, usage and testing in next few lines.

Package / Unboxing:

Package came in a Signature Blue Anker Box with Power Port+ Atom III (Two Ports) charger, welcome guide, Happy Card (warranty card).

PowerPort+ Atom III Wall Charger :

Its a Small form factor wall charger with USB-A Port and USB-C, which combined provide 60W. Anker has mentioned to use the GaN technology which reduces the size from similar Anker earlier. The charger has fold-able Plug and I really like this feature along with the small size, making it travel friendly. Plugs are firm and do not easily collapse. There is a faint blue light indicator, which comes up if the charger is in use.

The USB-A port provides PowerIQ 2.0, Anker's fast charging providing upto 18W -- Used this to charge my iPhone 8 and Samsung S8. The USB-C Port provides PowerIQ 3.0 - universal full-speed with support for Qualcomm Quick Charge and USB-C Power Delivery with a maximum output of 45W -- used this to charge my Lenovo Laptop T470S at home / T480 at work(used it with an Apple USB-C cable). Will not talk much on this topic and GaN technology, you may read more on this link on Anker


Have been using this charger extensively during my recently concluded trip to San Diego for a networking conference, right from the airport to the Hotel Room to conference breakout Sessions, used PowerPort Atom III to charge my laptop as well as iPhone at the same time. Also, used this charger to connect to the PowerWave+ Pad with Apple Watch Holder at hotel to charge iPhone and Apple watch.


During the testing, found the Laptop pulled only 18.96W from USB-C with / without the USB-A port being used and maximum 9.11W from USB-A port for charging iPhone as well as S8.

I will plan to get the Anker PowerLine Series USB-C & USB-C Cable with Lightning Connector to see if it makes any difference to the charging and power output and update this post at a later time.

One observation for single port used at a time (USB-C / USB-A), the charger was not getting warm, but using both ports for charging at the same time, got the charger a bit warm, and this is expected, and YMMV based on usage.

Charging Times:

For the testing / checking on charging time, drained my laptop T470s and iPhone 8 completely to have them die down completely and started charging using the PowerPort+ Atom III.

Laptop took around 2hr 45min to full charge, charging at 18.96W (though I feel this should be 18W maximum), iPhone 8 took 1hr 45min to 100% charge, with battery iPhone Battery charged to 15% in 5min, 35% in 30min :)

Laptop Charging

iPhone Charging Time

Devices used for Testing:
Lenovo T470s / T480
iPhone 8
Samsung S8
Apple USB-C Cable
Anker 3-in-1 PowerLine II Cable with Lightening / USB-C Cable.

Final Lines:

PowerPort+ Atom III (2 ports) has been a great addition to my list of chargers, providing maximum flexibility and helped reduce the weight in my laptop backpack, effectively replacing my regular laptop charger and mobile charger / watch charger to a single charger. Overall, this is a good portal charger and ideal for on-the-go travel users.

If you are interested in PowerPort+ Atom III, below are the product link

Anker Link

Amazon Link

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