Thursday, September 5, 2019

Soundcore Icon Mini (Orange)

Review for Soundcore Icon Mini (Orange). 
This is my review for Soundcore Icon Mini, from the Icon Series, Soundcore Icon Mini initially came in 2 colors - Black and Orange, now these are also available on Blue and Red.

The package was in a plastic stiff case with Icon Mini, quick start guide, Micro USB cable, safety guide, Happy card with Soundcore support. 

Icon Mini has a size of a fist or more like a flat fish or a medium sized pebble with soft rubberized feel main body and  metallic front. 

The buttons are at the top-side edge, have a nice feel.(OnOff, Vol +-, Soundcore Icon button). 

Paired this with my iPhone, it with initial battery charge of 60%, charged it to 100% before my testing and use ( I usually charge new products before I put them to use - pro tip). 

Soundcore mentions mini has a battery life for 8hrs of music playback, I used it for a week with about an hour worth everyday, had to recharge it on 8th day. Full recharge took about 2:45 hours. One good power saving feature is Mini will auto turn off in 30 minutes when there is no audio input to it.

The power port is at one corner with a stiff cap for water protection, comes with IP67 rating, can be fully submerged into water. There is a physical audio input in the form of a 3.5mm AUX jack.

The music sounds good with lot of punch and bass, due to improved drivers implemented by Soundcore. For testing, had a heavy bass song playing and submerged in to a small fish bowl :) could see the thumping. 

Icon Mini also has built-in microphone which doubles as Hands-free speakerphone. Tested 2-3 voice calls via Bluetooth to iPhone, call quality was excellent, use it from time to time for calls.

Some scope for improvement in terms of reduce plastic usage, change the power charging to USB-C, Soundcore App support and let this Icon Mini stereo pair with other Soundcore Products such as Flare, Flare Mini, Zero, headsets ...

Overall this a nice portable, mini speaker with lot of punch and bass, with Aux 3.5mm input which helps to couple with older devices which support audio jack output. Lot of power packed into the mini fist sized device.

Finally, below is the Picture of Soundcore Icon Mini for which I won the Photography award on Anker Community - check it here

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