Eufy Smart Plug Mini

Eufy Smart Plug Mini is the best portable or mini device to control devices. Been using the smartplug mini for last 1 week. The device came in cozy pack with the smartplug mini, happy card and an owner's manual. Even without the wifi setup, the plug has a small circular switch at one side to toggle power on or off on its outlet. Setting up this smartplug with the home-wifi was easy, following steps on the manual as well as with help from the EufyHome app on iOS device. The app guides on how to setup, step by step. Good thing is it does not need a separate Smart Home Hub. The smartplug mini can be controlled from iPhone connected outside home, over LTE or Public Wifi network, so this is a handy way to remotely controlling the home switch, as a added security device to switch lights ON or OFF. The plug has options for Energy Monitoring, good for energy cautious users to monitor the power usage for devices, with 15A of power to devices. The compact design helps to keep second power outlet on wall, free for use. Smart Home integration is easy to setup, with details provided in manual as well as the EufyHome app, though I used the app as it has very detailed steps for integration with Google Assistant and Alexa. Since I have both the google home as well as Echo dot, controlling the smartplug with commands is very handy, and mutiple smart home speakers can control the plug.

We are multiple members at home, so the most outstanding feature of the SmartPLug mini is to be able to share access to the device by giving access permission to other users, by accepting request on eufyhome account. The smartplug is setup at quite a distance from my home wifi router, however have not observed any connectivity issue while access over the app or using via smart speakers. The device has options for schedules for specific days of week & time (am/pm), good for room lights or entertainment systems. There is a countdown timer and an away mode to setup the device for times when you are away from home. The mini plug has a rating for 15A and 120V with wattage of 1800 watts, with an protection chip for overload. I would recommend this smartplug to anyone who wants to try out Internet of things.

2 Pack of Eufy Smart Plug Mini is available on Amazon here