Thursday, August 13, 2020

Soundcore Rave Mini - Best Portable Party Beast !!

Soundcore Rave Mini - Best Portable Party Beast!!

I was always interested in Party speaker from Soundcore, so finally went for Soundcore Rave Mini. This is my review for it.

Whats in the Box:
Package had Rave Mini, DC Power Adapter for charging ( adapter outputs DC 5V, 2.4A)
and a Quick Start guide.

Rave Mini - The beast by itself:

The Speaker itself looks real good with metallic meshed front, nice fixed handle. The top of the Soundcore Rave Mini has the curved / fixed handle. Beneath the handle is the circular control center for Rave Mini for Power,Bass Up, Light Effects, Previous / Next Track, Volume Up / Down, Multi-function, Source Input, Bluetooth. The back-bottom portion has the flap for DC Power Input, USB Port & AUX IN Port.

Top Surface / Portion

Back View with the flap for cables / connection / power.

Connections with flap opened

Sides, one of the sides has firm polymerized grip to place Rave Mini Sidways!

I am interested in total-wireless options, so not tested the following (nor do I intend to test these) – Charge-out via the USB-A, Media play using USB drive or the Aux-in.

Rave Mini is a IPX7 Waterproof speaker, keeps the music playing, even after full submersion. I trust these words and keep to it, as I have not tested it / will not be testing this now, and hopefully during summer (if i get to go out from this pandemic :smiley: )

Initial charging took about 3 hours, the speaker already had some charge in it. The charging is shown using the 4 Light LEDs for 100% charged.

Bluetooth pairing:
Bluetooth Pairing was pretty easy, to iPhone. I also paired Rave Mini to my Nebula Capsule projector. One great feature is when Rave Mini is turned on, Soundcore Rave Mini will automatically connect to the last connected device (Nebula capsule in my case, all the time) .

Soundcore App:
Soundcore App greatly compliments Rave Mini with games and control options such as Outdoor / Indoor Equalizer, Light effects (6 light modes - Party, Rainbox, Breathe, Mystery, Run, Colorful) and 3 party games - Spin the bottle, Truth/Dare or Categories. Battery life with lights was about 14hrs … used it with Bass-up mode, continuously with music and lights.

The equalizer has only 2 modes - Outdoor & Indoor - Outdoor mode has better bass and treble, Indoor makes it more sober!

SoundCore App Settings

Soundcore App - Game Mode -

Soundcore Rave mini can be used Standing Up Right or Sideways - love this feature!


Mostly use it sideways for usage with Nebula Capsule, and use it maily (99.99%) of the time for watching movies with family on Nebula Capsule.

Soundcore Rave Mini and Nebula Capsule work like Bread and Peanut-butter jelly :wink:

May be, if I see another great deal go for one more Rave Mini, since it supports Stereo Pairing - that is pair one more Rave Mini for Stereo audio - Double the great audio sound!

BassUp technology adds great deal of bass to the audio and adds much more depth and impact for action movies, i keep this enabled all the time … got to watch Jumanji or Jurassic park series.

Rave Mini is actually the Trance except with the below difference -

  • Shape Structure between Trance (Box shape) Vs Rave Mini (Rounded) corners & edges
  • Rotating Handle on Trance Vs Fixed Shape Handle on Rave Mini

I really prefer Rave Mini over the Trance because Rave Mini can be placed Standing upright or Sideways (has a side grip on ground / base), while Trance cannot with the rotating handle attached!!!

Scope for Improvement:
Couple of points that could see improvement - charging port needed to be USB-C instead of the DC Barrel socket, second - bottom speaker is fake, space filler mostly for the lights I believe or symmetry of the speaker or for the battery space - would have liked if it was a actual speaker.

It is overall an awesome speaker, and am happy with this beast…

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